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Who will be NSA's first
Storytelling Champion?  




The competitions occur on 3 levels:

    The National Competition will be LIVE 

    on the mainstage at Influence

    Aug. 3-6, 2024!

    NSA Wisconsin Storytelling Competition Finals:

    February 13: 6:30 pm

    Barnwood Events

    Madison, WI


    sponsored by:

    NSA Wisconsin Storytelling Process

    Watch the NSA WI Storytelling Competition Info Session: 

    Important dates:

    January 5: Chapter Entry Videos must be submitted 
    January 15: Chapter Finalists are announced
    February 13: Chapter Competition Finals in Madison
    March 31: Regional Entry Due
    Mid April: Final Regional Video Due 
    August 3 -6: National Finals in Denver!

    Visit NSA's Storytelling Competition Page

    Your journey to NSA Storytelling Champion in 4 Steps:

    Step 1: Create your 5-minute Story and Record it:

    • Stories longer than 5 minutes will be disqualified
    • Choose your story wisely.  You must use the same story at all levels of the competition.
    • Videos may NOT be edited other than to clip dead air from the beginning and end.
    • Don't stress about the quality of the video - focus on the quality of your story and performance!
    • No props, slides, or sound effects/music may be used
    • Consider recording a 3/4 or full body shot to include gestures and blocking
    • Create your story with the judging criteria in mind.  Your story will be judged on:


    The story’s ability to drive demand for the speaker:

    Audience Identified: Does the story relate to an identified audience?

    Relevant Topic: Does the story deliver a poignant and identifiable topic?

    Clear Messaging: Is the primary message of the story clear and easy to understand? 


    The story’s ability to drive a message and motivate the audience:

    Passion: Did the teller deliver the story with the appropriate emotion and passion? -

    Engagement: Did the teller engage the audience and effectively captivate them?

    Call to Action: Is there a specific call-to-action or identifiable lesson taught?


    The teller’s ability to CONNECT with the audience:

    Blocking: Did the teller use the stage, body language, gestures, and expressions to engage the audience?

    Cadence (vocals): Was the teller able to deliver the story using a rhythm that was impactful? Connection (Eye Contact, etc.): Was the teller able to connect with the audience as a whole and individually? 

    Step 2: Enter the NSA Wisconsin Storytelling Competition:

    The deadline for NSA Wisconsin Storytelling Competition Submission is

    11:59 pm CT on January 5th

    No submissions will be accepted after this date and time.


    • Contestants must be a Professional, Established, or Academy member of NSA Wisconsin in good standing.
    • Contestants must agree if they advance to participate in the in-person finalist competition on the evening of February 13th in Madison, submit video to the Regional Competition, and travel at their own expense to the National Final Competition.
    • CPAE Recipients are considered “Elite Speakers” and do not qualify to compete. This event is for mainstream and aspiring/professional speakers only. Elite-level speakers will be called upon to act as Judges and Mentors at various stages of the competition. 
    • A Chapter or Regional Finalist who does not advance is eligible to compete in subsequent years. 
    • The National NSA Storytelling Champion is not eligible to compete in the competition in subsequent years - You can only WIN once. 
    • All Due Dates and Deadlines, Chapter, Regional and National, are non-negotiable and firm. No exceptions. Failure to comply could result in disqualification. 
    • A participant can only compete once per year (one Chapter event only – not multiple Chapter competitions). This rule is applicable for anyone who is a member of multiple Chapters.
    • A participant cannot change their primary storyline. The story that is used at Chapter Entry Level must be the story used at Regional and National Level. The general story can be enhanced based on feedback/coaching received during Mentor Sessions, but the story at large must remain the same. 
    • Final scores and Champion selections made by the selected Judging Panel at all levels are conclusive and indisputable. 

    Contestant Agreement:

    Each contestant grants and releases to NSA, its successors, assigns, and licensees the right to photograph and record my entire presentation, including likeness, voice, and verbal statements, on film, videotape, and audiotape (collectively, the “Recording.” Each contestant also grants NSA the right to edit, distribute and/or showcase the Recording in the NSA Digital Vault, alone or as part of a compilation, at its discretion without additional approval. This Agreement does not constitute an affirmative obligation on the part of NSA to distribute the Recording. NSA and its agents are permitted the right to use the Recording, name, likeness, voice, and biographical information and any other information about the contestant in connection with the advertising, promotion and public relation efforts relating to the specific presentation dated herein, in all media, now known or hereafter created without any compensation.


    NSA Wisconsin Storytelling Competition Entry

    Enter the NSA Wisconsin Storytelling Competition

    Click above to pay your entry fee

    and receive the application and upload link.

    Cost to enter: $50

    NSA Wisconsin Storytelling Competition Process:

    • All recordings received by 11:59 pm CT on January 5th will be reviewed by a panel of professional NSA members.
    • All competitors will receive constructive feedback about their story.
    • Chapter Finalists will be announced on January 15th at the Chapter event in Appleton.
    • Chapter Finalists may use the feedback from the judges to hone their stories, but may not change the story itself.
    • Chapter Finalists compete at the in-person event in Madison on February 13th.
    • The order of Finalists will be chosen by lottery.
    • All Finalists will receive written feedback from the Chapter Final Judges
    • All Finalists receive professional video and photographs of their performance.
    • The NSA Wisconsin Storytelling Champion Advances to the regional competition
    • NSA Wisconsin will pay the Regional entry fee.

    Step 3: NSA Storytelling Regional Competition:

    • The NSA Wisconsin Storytelling Champion is eligible to compete at the Regional level. In order to compete, the Champion's entry video submission and the Regional Finalist Fee must be submitted by March 31st.
    • Regional competitors will be assigned a Mentor to review and enhance their Chapter Champion story. 
    • Competitors will then be required to submit their final Regional entry video by the pre-determined deadline (mid-April)
    • A panel of judges will review all Regional entry videos and provide written feedback.

    The Regional Finalists will advance to the 
    National Competition at Influence!

    Step 4: NSA Storytelling National Competition:

    • The National Competition will be LIVE on the mainstage at Influence - Aug. 3-6, 2024!

    • Panelists will provide constructive & positive feedback from the stage. Note: The National Panelists are not judges and do not vote.
    • The AUDIENCE will vote for their National Champion!

    All National Finalists will receive:

    NSA Website Mentions
    Elite-Level Mentor Sessions
    Mainstage Recording and Photos
    NSA Email and Social Media Recognition and...
    A Trophy for the National Champion!

    National Speakers Association - Wisconsin
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