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Meet our leadership Team

Eliz Greene

Our President serves the NSA-WI Board and Members by developing and implementing a Strategic Plan to strengthen the long-term success of our Chapter. The President is the primary spokesperson for our Chapter and the liaison for NSA National.

Paula Houlihan
President-Elect, Programming Director

Our President-Elect oversees special projects determined by the President and works closely with the Immediate Past President on the Board Nomination Committee to ensure a fair and efficient transition to the next leadership team.

Our Programming Director collaborates with guest speakers and venues to ensure a stellar experience for all attendees at our events. They also host our Ask the Expert Zoom calls.

Roger Wolkoff, MBA
Immediate Past President

 Our Immediate Past President moves on to serve in an Advisory position on our board. His experience, wisdom, and guidance will help us navigate our direction and fortify our mission to serve our members.

Gina Glover
Vice President, Marketing & Communications Director

Our Marketing & Communications Director develops and executes marketing efforts to promote upcoming events through email, the website, and social media. She is also responsible for the content and functionality of our website. 

Marcy Heim

Our Treasurer maintains all financial records and handles the financial details for our Chapter. They collect and disburse funds as needed, and provide financial reports to the Board of Directors. The Treasurer also takes care of tax document preparation and filing.

John Nepper
Speaker Academy Director

Our Academy Director serves the members of NSA-WI and all aspiring speakers who join our Speaker Academy, by creating a rich curriculum for its students. They coordinate visiting speakers, and professional members. The Dean helps students make valuable connections within the Chapter and mentors them to create a successful speaking career and business.

Christopher Kolenda, Ph.D.

Our Secretary captures the minutes and organizes and disseminates the notes at the Board meetings. The Secretary keeps Chapter policy documents up-to-date and arranges permanent storage of records. With the President, the Secretary prepares the agenda for Board meetings.

Ousmane Kabré

Our Membership Director interacts with, engages, and invites prospective members. They maintain our databases and networks to build our membership.

Patty Hendrickson, CSP

Darcy Luoma, CSP

Our Advisors serve to support, assist, and empower the Board leadership with their experience, expertise, and professional abilities.

Past Presidents

 Joe Larsen
 Tom Ribar 2013-2014
 Matt Booth, CSP
1984-1985  Marilyn Berger 1999-2000
 Janet Swandby 2014-2015
 Wendy Naarup
 Jim Hennig, CSP, CPAE 2000-2001
 John DiFrances 2015-2016
 Brian Udermann
 Bruce Wares 2001-2002  Jeff Staads 2016-2017
 Karrie Landsverk
1987-1988  Patricia Durovy 2002-2003  Bill Geist 2017-2018  Lisa Haen
 Bill Stevens 2003-2004  Deb Schmidt 2018-2019  Lisa Haen/Susan Young
 Dan Burrus, CSP, CPAE 2004-2005  Barb Bartlein, CSP 2019-2020  Susan Young
 Dennis Mannering, CSP 2005-2006  Kinza Christenson 2020-2021

 Cheri Neal

 Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP 2006-2007  Sally Anders 2021-2022
 Roger Wolkoff
 Jack Pachuta 2007-2008  Robert Ian 2022-2024  Eliz Greene
 Wendy Mannering 2008-2009  Mark Borowski    
 Roxanne Emmerich, CSP, CPAE 2009-2010  Larry Cockerel    
 Barry Eigen 2010-2011  Jim Morrison    
 Deaun Thelen 2011-2012  Rob Bell, CSP    
 Patty Hendrickson, CSP 2012-2013  Chip Lutz, CSP    

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