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A family for those in the business of professional speaking

At a local and regional level

As the first chartered chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA), NSA Wisconsin has been the home for up-and-coming, successful and influential speakers in Wisconsin and the greater Midwest for more than 35 years.

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At a national and global scale

The National Speakers Association is a membership community of professional speakers from around the country who share ideas and business solutions. At national events, members can also expand their business outside of the United States by tapping into the organization’s global community.

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I wanted to be a professional speaker, but I was scared to death to even say it out loud. Then I got involved with the NSA Wisconsin chapter and it has absolutely rocked my world. I cannot say enough about the NSA Wisconsin chapter. And I am deeply grateful for the people in this group who continue to focus their attention on helping me to be the best that I can be. There’s not a better group to be a part of than NSA Wisconsin. 

Cheri Neal, 2016 Academy Graduate, 2020 Chapter President

New Speakers

NSA-Wisconsin’s Speakers Academy is designed to help people ignite and accelerate the development of their business as a speaker. 

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Speakers Growing Their Businesses

Professional members of the National Speakers Association and Wisconsin Chapter get access to member-exclusive resources and events designed to support their growth.

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Established Speakers

Graduates of the Academy and Professional Members who have established their status as working professional speakers will gain insights in exclusive mastermind sessions and events.

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Meeting Professionals

The Speaker Directory makes it easy for meeting planners to find chapter members based in Wisconsin and the greater Midwest to speak at their upcoming virtual or in-person events.

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Empowering professional speakers to thrive and influence, we elevate excellence, share expertise and challenge one another to improve.

our values

Abundant Generosity

  • We exhibit a culture of giving and sharing our experience and expertise.
  • As we pursue success, we practice generosity and recognize philanthropic achievements.
  • We call this “The Spirit of Cavett,” honoring our Founder’s example to help each other learn, grow and prosper.

Elevating Excellence

  • We recognize, celebrate and teach excellence in both the art and business of speaking.
  • We feature experts and diverse examples of industry-leading excellence.
  • We are committed to lifelong improvement.

Intentional Language

  • We honor the power of well-spoken words.
  • We respect the creative works of others and inspire people to find their original voice.
  • We communicate with intention, care and respect.

Honorable Innovation

  • We honor our history, legacy, and the contributions of those who preceded us.
  • We recognize and embrace the evolution required to remain relevant and accomplish our mission and vision.
  • We act with courage, integrity and ethics as leaders and as members.

Uplifting Humanity

  • We foster positive change for people and organizations.
  • We enable audience members to improve, prosper and succeed.
  • We practice inclusion and learn from diverse viewpoints.

National Speakers Association - Wisconsin
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