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Upcoming events

    • June 11, 2020
    • 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM (CDT)
    • on your computer

    Virtual Membership Retreat

    As our NSA-WI Chapter continues to grow, change, and evolve, your ideas, contributions, and feedback are crucial to ensure that we create an amazing and sustainable organization. Join us on June 11th for our first Virtual Membership Retreat and help lead us into a great future.

    Given the current situation in the world today, there is so much that we can do in our industry now to strengthen our Chapter, collaborate with each other, empower our members, and build a resilient community.

    In our dynamic discussion, we will also be discussing the 5 Key Areas for building a successful NSA Chapter:
    1.    Membership
    2.    Meetings
    3.    Marketing
    4.    Management
    5.    Money

    You will receive a more specific agenda as we get closer to the date and we would love to hear your ideas!  In the meantime, please be thinking about what you would like to start, change, inspire, and create as we plan the next few years TOGETHER.

    We truly hope you can join us for this special opportunity!

    • June 27, 2020
    • 9:30 AM - 11:45 AM (CDT)
    • American Family Insurance Dreambank, 821 E. Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703

    One of the most valuable services offered by NSA-WI is the “Speakers Development Lab.”  All members from Past National Presidents and CPAE’s to new candidate members are welcome to attend.  The “Lab” operates much like a Hollywood “Actors Studio” where speakers, facilitators, seminar leaders, those who sell products or services through public presentations, etc. can go to try out new material, revise current material, practice delivery techniques, etc. 

    Our goal for the Speakers Lab is to take speakers, facilitators, teacher/leaders at their current level of skill, impact, fee level, etc., and help them move up to the next level. Both those speaking, and observers benefit from the Lab, and the net effect is to increase the skills and impact of each participant.

    Click here or more information.

    • August 13, 2020
    • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM (CDT)
    • Edgewater Hotel’s Sky Bar, 1001 Wisconsin Pl, Madison, WI 53703

    Join us for a fun evening of fabulous food, entertainment, and celebration as we recognize our members, celebrate our Speakers Academy graduates, gift awards for those who are going above and beyond, and induct our new board of directors.

    Special Performance by Erik Anderson

    Erik has been playing piano for over 30 years and has been writing his own compositions for over 20 years. His performance capabilities are extensive, with experience across the U.S. and in almost a dozen foreign countries. His compositions have been used in commercials for both radio and television. He is currently writing film scores for Salty Earth Pictures. He specializes in live keyboard performance with an assortment of styles that incorporate both classical and contemporary.

    He and his wife Michelle (NSA-WI Academy member) have been married for 16 glorious years and presently reside in New Berlin, WI with their two lovely children, Kadence (9) and Kemuel (7).

    This year, our special evening will be held at Edgewater Hotel’s magnificent Sky Bar with gorgeous sunset views of Lake Mendota and the Capitol. Please bring your spouse, significant other, family, or friends so that they can share in this special NSA-WI tradition. It is only $50 per person for a delicious and elegant dinner, and memories that will last a lifetime!

Past events

May 29, 2020 Speaker's Lab
May 28, 2020 Ask the Expert Zoom Call: The ABC's of a Successful Speaking Business in Times of Change with Annie Meehan
April 30, 2020 Ask the Expert Zoom Call: Rainmaking Strategies for Growth!
April 25, 2020 Speaker's Lab
April 23, 2020 NSA-Illinois Chapter Webinar Series: Keep Your Speaking Business Moving Through COVID-19
March 27, 2020 Speaker's Lab
March 26, 2020 Ah-Ha’s & Faux-Pas -- Chapter Event & Academy
February 29, 2020 Speaker's Lab
February 27, 2020 Ask the Expert Zoom Call: Kick-Ass Cadence
January 31, 2020 Speaker's Lab
January 30, 2020 Marketing Masters Panel for Growing Your Business, Influence & Profits
December 19, 2019 Ask the Expert Zoom Call: Smiling and Dialing Your Way to a Six-Figure Speaking Income
November 22, 2019 Speaker's Lab
November 21, 2019 From Speaker to Trainer -- Chapter Event & Academy
October 31, 2019 Ask the Expert Zoom Call: "Help Me Hire YOU! 21 Strategies to Get Booked & Stay Booked"
October 26, 2019 Speaker's Lab
September 27, 2019 Speaker's Lab
September 26, 2019 Darren LaCroix, World Champion Speaker -- Chapter Event & Academy
September 04, 2019 Ask the Expert Zoom Call: NSA Wisconsin Kickoff for the 2019-20 Season!
August 10, 2019 Speakers Lab Special Session: Video Day!
July 27, 2019 NSA INFLUENCE 2019
July 13, 2019 Speakers Lab Special Session: Keynote Crafting Workshop
June 15, 2019 Speaker's Lab
June 13, 2019 Annual Celebration
May 17, 2019 Speaker's Lab
May 16, 2019 BROADCAST YOUR BUSINESS Six Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and SHINE! With Katrina Cravy
May 08, 2019 Ask the Expert Zoom Call: How to Market to Associations the Easy Way with Kim Kotecki
May 02, 2019 Special Event: Storytelling Masterclass
April 20, 2019 Speaker's Lab
April 18, 2019 Ask the Expert Zoom Call: Presentation Tips for Designing a Million-Dollar Story
March 22, 2019 Speaker's Lab
March 21, 2019 Power Selling With LinkedIn with Phil Gerbyshak
February 21, 2019 Ask the Expert Zoom Call: Keynote Crafting with Jacy Imilkowski
February 16, 2019 Speaker's Lab
January 18, 2019 Speaker's Lab
January 17, 2019 DOING WHAT IT TAKES . . . How to Differentiate and Deliver in Today’s Competitive Marketplace with Dan Thurmon
December 15, 2018 Speaker's Lab
November 16, 2018 Speaker's Lab
November 15, 2018 SPECIAL EVENT: "Writing Articles that Association Editors Will Publish" with Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CPAE
November 15, 2018 Selling to Associations — By Going in the Back Door with Ed Rigsbee, CSP, CPAE
October 20, 2018 Speaker's Lab
October 18, 2018 Ask the Expert Zoom Call: How to Boost Your Sales & SEO in Your NSA Profile with Susan Young, MSA
September 21, 2018 Speaker's Lab
September 20, 2018 Creativity Boot Camp for Speakers, Trainers & Keynoters!
August 11, 2018 Speaker's Lab
July 21, 2018 Speaker's Lab
July 14, 2018 NSA Influence 2018
June 23, 2018 Speaker's Lab
June 14, 2018 Annual Awards & Recognition Banquet
May 18, 2018 Speaker's Lab
May 17, 2018 Passion for the Platform
May 17, 2018 Speaker Academy Session
April 14, 2018 Speaker's Lab
March 16, 2018 Speaker's Lab
March 15, 2018 Chapter Event
March 15, 2018 Speaker Academy Session
February 10, 2018 Speaker's Lab
January 19, 2018 Speaker's Lab
January 18, 2018 Networking to Grow Your Business, Build Your Brand & Increase Your Influence
January 18, 2018 Speaker Academy Session
December 09, 2017 Speaker's Lab
November 10, 2017 Speaker's Lab
November 09, 2017 Corral Your Ca$h Cow!
October 19, 2017 Facilitated Mastermind Sessions
September 28, 2017 20 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Content for Publicity and Profit
July 08, 2017 NSA Influence 2017
June 20, 2017 The Hot Skinny!
May 18, 2017 Building the Ultimate Speaking Career with Chad Hymas
April 21, 2017 NSA Video Lab 2017
April 19, 2017 Strategies, Systems & Sales for a Speaking Successful Business: How to Create a Sustainable Model That Works for You
March 02, 2017 The Evolution of Speaking
February 24, 2017 NSA Winter Conference: Business Symposium
February 18, 2017 Eloquence Platform Coaching Session
January 14, 2017 Academy Session: Focus on Ethics and Enterprise
January 11, 2017 Getting Clients and Selling Products: Secrets to building a successful speaking business
November 12, 2016 Academy Session: Focus on Enterprise
November 03, 2016 VIDEO ACTION: A Bazillion Extreme Ways to Actively Use Video During Your Presentations
October 15, 2016 Academy Session: Focus on Expertise
September 27, 2016 Facilitated Mastermind Sessions
September 15, 2016 No Power & No Point: Why Your Slides Suck & How to Make 'em Soar
July 23, 2016 NSA 2016 National Convention
June 21, 2016 NSA WI "Hot Skinny"
May 26, 2016 Using LinkedIn Successfully to Grow Your Speaking Business
May 19, 2016 Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken
March 19, 2016 Eloquence Platform Coaching Session
March 09, 2016 Thought Leadership: How to commercialize your ideas
February 16, 2016 Academy Session: Focus on Ethics & Enterprise
January 21, 2016 Growing Your Business When You Are the Business!
January 19, 2016 Academy Session: Focus on Enterprise
November 17, 2015 Academy Session: Focus on Expertise
November 06, 2015 NSA 2015 Tech Lab
November 03, 2015 You. Your Story. Make An Impact. Harnessing the power of your stories to create better speeches and get booked more.
October 19, 2015 Facilitated Mastermind Sessions
September 24, 2015 Thou Shalt Dress One Level Above Your Audience (and other speaking rules that don't exist)
June 18, 2015 The Hot Skinny
June 18, 2015 NSA-WI Speakers Academy - Facilitated Mastermind Session
May 28, 2015 How to Make It In the Speaking Business
May 28, 2015 NSA-WI Speakers Academy - Facilitated Mastermind Session
March 05, 2015 Book More Business!™ Marketing for the Experienced Speaker
March 05, 2015 NSA-WI Speakers Academy - Facilitated Mastermind Session
January 29, 2015 I Want to See the Jalapeno Coming: 93 Hot Ways to Get Booked
January 29, 2015 NSA-WI Speakers Academy - Facilitated Mastermind Session
November 13, 2014 Five Critical Success Factors for Every Speaker
November 13, 2014 NSA-WI Speakers Academy - Facilitated Mastermind Session
September 15, 2014 Facilitated Mastermind Sessions
September 14, 2014 Bringing Home Cavett
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