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Please Join Us for Our

NSA WI Speaker's Lab

One of the most valuable services offered by NSA-WI is the “Speakers Development Lab.” All members from Past National Presidents and CPAE’s to new candidate members are welcome to attend. The “Lab” operates much like a Hollywood “Actors Studio” where speakers, facilitators, seminar leaders, those who sell products or services through public presentations, etc. can go to try out new material, revise current material, practice delivery techniques, etc.

Our goal for the Speakers Lab is to take speakers, facilitators, teacher/leaders at their current level of skill, impact, fee level, etc., and help them move up to the next level. Both those speaking, and observers benefit from the Lab, and the net effect is to increase the skills and impact of each participant.

Your Benefits for Participating

  1. Speak: Give a portion of one of your speeches or facilitations and see how the other lab members react in terms of positive reinforcement of what works well, plus their suggestions for your continuous improvement. Presenters are encouraged to video record their presentations and feedback for in-depth study and refinement.

  2. Vicarious Observation: Observe the presentations; listen to the positive feedback and the constructive suggestions for others. Use this vicarious learning experience to evaluate yourself and plan improvements. Evaluating others and participating in audience feedback provides you a frame of reference for discovering how each element of your own speech contributes to or distracts from your desired impact.

What Do You Do After the Lab? You begin to seek out discerning peers and/or audience members and ask them to observe you and provide feedback on your performance.

Why Is This So Important?
Because good feedback is the core of any plan for successful growth!

Visit our Event Calendar for the next Speaker's Lab date and to register as a Speaker or an Evaluator.

Registration is limited to 3 Speakers, 3 Back-Up Speakers and 10 Evaluators, so reserve your space today!
If you have spoken in the last three months we ask that you kindly leave the spaces open for others.

If you are participating as a speaker, please download and print the following documents prior to your presentation:

Presenter Checklist

Speaker’s Lab Activities & Schedule

Category Feedback Form
Print 10 copies for you audience

What & Why Feedback Form
Print 10 copies for you audience

To learn more, please enjoy the following downloads:

“Effective Peer Feedback: The Speaker’s Edge” NSA Magazine Article Reprint

NSA-WI Lab Pilot Charter

This will be a continuing opportunity which will be available at least once a month. If you aren’t able to join us this month, please stay-tuned for future events!

For further information, please contact

Jacy Imilkowski at jacy@building-balance.com
Roger Wolkoff at roger@rogerwolkoff.com

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