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Speaker's Development Lab

Get the feedback you need for personal growth

There’s no shortage of useful information shared at events and in articles on the business of speaking. But there are very few no-risk opportunities to practice material in a safe, supportive environment.

Whether you’re starting out or have been speaking for years, Speaker’s Lab is the one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve as a speaker. You’ll always get honest, constructive and compassionate feedback from others in the business. Feedback you can use to level up your impact as a speaker.

Because the lab is designed to be a safe space to practice, registration is only open to Professional Members and participants enrolled in the Speakers Development Academy.

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    Hear what one member says about Speaker's Lab

    I love the professional-level quality of the feedback I get when I go to Speaker's Lab. I have the opportunity to get specific comments on content, delivery, staging, tone ... you name it! As an evaluator, I get to witness many styles and observe techniques I can add to my toolkit. All of this is to say that Speaker's Lab has made me a better speaker. The collaboration and support are phenomenal.

    Roger Wolkoff, NSA Wisconsin President 2021-2022, Academy Past-Dean, Academy graduate

    How each Speaker's Lab works

    • Each presenter gets up to 30 minutes to practice, receive feedback, and practice again if they choose (typically 10-15 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for feedback).
    • Observers (up to 10 per lab) provide feedback on specific areas identified by the presenter as being most helpful.
    • Presenters often record their presentation and feedback. Recordings are a helpful way to engage in further study after the Lab and track progress.

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    Why practice in front of others?

    Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy. We may feel we look or sound stupid at times as we develop new materials or try something different in our presentations. But it’s all part of the learning process.

    The Speaker’s Development Lab provides a safe space to practice. Plus, everyone who participates strives to provide honest and helpful advice while protecting each other’s self-esteem.

    Practice. Get feedback. Become a better speaker.

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