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Ask the Expert Zoom Call: Kick-Ass Cadence

  • February 27, 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • On your computer!

Ask yourself an HONEST question: Who are you writing FOR? You? Or your BEST client? You? Or your audience? YOU? Or the meeting professionals looking for the perfect speaker for their next event? Here’s the thing . . . WAY too many speakers are writing their copy – from website to one sheet to topics to bios – to feed THEIR egos (OUCH, I know) and not to add value to that VIP on the other end of the decision-making equation who is ready, willing, and ABLE to pull the trigger and hire you for their next gig.

Next, consider when was the last time you even LOOKED at your site? Your one-sheet? Your collateral? Your topics? If it’s been more than a year – it’s TIME.

Get ready to Re-evaluate. Re-consider. Re-think your strategy.  Because how we learn now? Is SO not the same as ten years ago – heck it’s not even the same as we learned a year ago.

How we communicate? Crazy different. How we connect? Not even in the same ballpark. All that leads us to there has NEVER been a better time to change the way you are reaching the people who have the ability to hire you.

What you’ll learn in this session:

  • Make like a musician. Why staccato copy gets read.
  • Find your center. What’s YOUR word? The one that describes the you that people can’t wait to see on stage.
  • Top down topic descriptions. Write them in such a way that if person has a choice to go to the bar or the pool or come see you – they’re the first in the door.
  • Questionable copy. Tapping into the questions already in the mind of potential clients.
  • Re-think the red pen. Correct yes, but traditional? Absolutely not.
  • Tune in or they’ll tune out. The WIIFM channel is alive and well in every person reading your site.
  • Different strokes for different folks. You can’t do it all and you shouldn’t. Why delegating to a team is smart and effective. (copy, edit, graphic, programming). Get ready to listen, really listen, to the cadence of your copy – and the way you communicate. With a few simple shifts and a willingness to venture outside your comfort zones, you can create copy that POPS and attracts the hand-raisers you need to book more business! 

Meet Julie

For more than 30 years, Julie Escobar has been in and around the speaking and training industries. You’ll find her articles in Speaker Magazine, Inman News, RealtyTimes, Broker Agent, RIS Media, Master Marketing Magazine and more.

What you WON’T find is her work in a wide spectrum of other sites, books, blogs and magazines because she leads a (not so secret) life as a ghostwriter. For more than ten years, Julie has worked with some of the most respected and engaged keynote speakers, trainers, and coaches in the world – helping them craft their messages, fine-tune their websites, and develop and edit their books. She's a wordsmith, connector, content curator, hope-dealer, and steward of kindness. She’s also the perfect choice to help you kick up your collateral’s cadence! Visit her website to learn more.

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