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Ask the Expert Zoom Call: "Help Me Hire YOU! 21 Strategies to Get Booked & Stay Booked"

  • October 31, 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • On your computer!
"Help Me Hire YOU! 21 Strategies to Get Booked & Stay Booked"
With David Newman, CSP

As a full-time speaker who spent a year booking other speakers for 160+ events, David will show you how to build your business and increase your visibility, credibility, and hire-ability! Learn exactly what gets speakers hired using 21 specific strategies from someone who booked speakers daily. Extensive handouts will be provided.

As a result of attending this program, participants will learn:
  • 21 step-by-step strategies for increasing your magnetism, credibility, and marketability as an expert who speaks
  • What meeting planners and conference producers really look for when making buying decisions
  • How to rapidly make subtle changes in your own positioning, packaging, promotion, and performance to dramatically boost your business

The Most Important Information You Will Take Away: 21 specific, actionable steps speakers can take immediately to re-position, re-package, and re-focus their business to attract dramatically more and better bookings by learning what a full-time speaker turned conference producer looks for (and runs away from!) when booking paid speakers for events.

About our Presenter
David Newman, CSP is a marketing expert and founder of Do It! Marketing, a marketing strategy and training firm dedicated to helping speakers, consultants, and authors maximize their influence, impact, and income. Free resources including David’s 96-page Strategic Marketing eBook are available online at www.doitmarketing.com.

David has worked with over 300 speakers ranging from the brand-new speaker just starting out all the way up to 25-year speaking veterans and half a dozen members of the National Speakers Association CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. After working with David, speakers and experts at every level generate MORE leads, BETTER prospects, and BIGGER sales.

“I’ve been speaking for seven years and David is the first and only speaker to tell it as it really is! If you have the chance to hear David; RUN, don’t walk. His advice, expertise and delivery will fast forward your career by years!”
-- Ciaran McGuigan, Certified Speaking Professional

“David, Thanks for the reality check you gave us at the NSA convention. Your program, ‘Help Me Hire You’ was awesome! Just the wake up call I needed to understand the thinking of the meeting planner. Thanks! I gave your session a big thumb-up on the CSP Link today for one of the best programs at NSA this year.”
-- Jeff Justice, Certified Speaking Professional
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