Dean Raasch

Dean Inspires U
905 George Street, #132
De Pere, WI 54115

Tel: 920-217-3648
Email: dean@deaninspiresu.com
Web: www.deaninspiresu.com

About This Speaker
Dean Raasch is a quickly likable and talented inspirational speaker. His life has not been an easy journey. At a mere 10 years of age he lost his young mother to cancer; she was only 29 years old. His father remarried but struggled with alcoholism until his recovery decades later.

At the age of 19 Dean was confronted with his own life battle, diagnosed with Leukemia and told his life expectancy was less than five years. That was 1987, over 25 years ago! He battled this disease with personal strength and conviction…everything he had in him…a long, incredible battle that almost took him from us.

Today, a healthy and vibrant person, Dean takes his message of hope, purpose and passion for life to a variety of audiences, of all ages and group sizes, from classrooms to auditoriums. As a champion of life, from multiple experiences, his reassurance that a positive change can happen even in the darkest moments is a most memorable one.

Dean’s message is simple “connect the head to the heart” and everything is possible. Oddly, Dean discovered his purpose in life one day while standing on top of a large log, suspended 40 feet into the air. At that God-given moment, Dean knew in his heart that he was put on this earth to inspire others to actually want to make a difference—inspire them to take forward steps in their own lives, forward steps that would make their lives better, the lives of the people around them, and the world around us all for generations to come.

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