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The Never Give Up Guy

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"Working with leaders who want to break down barriers, build relationships, 

and retain their best."

  • Highly requested Kidjacked signature keynote
  • The Ever Changing Landscape of the Workplace: Motivating, Managing & Mentoring 5 Generations and Multi-Cultures
  • The Benefits of Successfully Navigating Change in the Workplace
  • Lead Better & Sell More: Building a Highly Successful Team


Scott Lesnick, CSP is a high content speaker who is motivational, instructional and educational in style and tone. He presents powerful keynotes and breakout sessions and is a consultant and author. Also, Scott is a professional member of the National Speakers Association as well as the Dean of the Academy for Professional Speakers. He received the "Rising Star" award for 2016-2017. He is a graduate of The University of Miami, Florida. His memoir, Kidjacked – A Father’s Story, was recently published to critical acclaim. In addition, Scott has 28 award-winning sales and management years at Shaw Industries a Berkshire Hathaway Fortune 500 company.
Scott’s motivational and inspirational messages center around topics including: HR, excellence in leadership, generational and cultural inclusion, administrative excellence, professional development, maximizing performance, excelling in leadership, maximizing operational performance and excellence, managing change through great leadership, focusing on what’s truly important and useful tools in overcoming adversity and stress both professionally and personally.


“Scott’s presentation was full of information designed to encourage our attendees to learn new methods to gain their manager’s confidence, as well as increase confidence in their own skills. Using the ideas you provided in your presentation, our attendees will certainly become the one to shine in their offices when they return to work following our conference and showcase their new skills!”

Lynne Woida, CAP-OM, President, Wisconsin Division IAAP

“Scott was our keynote speaker for the SDANFP 2014 Spring conference held in Brookings, SD from April 23 – 25. Scott has an amazing story to share, but what equally impressed us was the time that he took to get to know our members at the conference. The entire time Scott was there, he was getting to know everyone by constantly moving from table to table and talking to individuals. Due to Scott’s personable nature, his story and topics available for his breakout sessions, I can’t recommend him enough! It was a pleasure getting to know him!”

Tony Perk, President, Association of Nutrition and Dietary Managers

"Scott's presentation was outstanding!"
Lisa Newcomb, VP, US Bank

"Scott recently spoke in the Denver Area during our 2015 Make it Safe, Make it Home conference as a Keynote.  Before he even stepped foot on stage he took the time to do his homework and learn all about our association and membership which proved valuable as he was able to connect and engage the audience. In addition, he willing accepted an invitation to support us by instructing a breakout session on another of his topics to a well attended crowed. Besides he’s remarkable story, his speaking style captures you and takes you along for the ride. Scott is not only professional but real. He will not only intertwine himself with the attendee’s but change the atmosphere! Scott will come in as your speaker but leave as your friend."
Mark A Moya, Honeywell Engineer level III , Region VIII, OSHA-VPPPA, Chairperson

“Inspirational, thought-provoking, fascinating are all words I would use to describe the captivating story that Scott Lesnick tells through his very personal experience. A great fit for HR Professionals and more. The structure of his prose brings the audience into his world where he takes everyone on a journey in a profoundly difficult time in his life and vividly illustrates how he persevered and overcame major obstacles. His story is the quintessential basis for pursuing your passion(s) professionally and personally especially if things appear bleak.”

David Spector, SPHR l employment manager, The Bon*Ton Stores Incorporated
"In February, 2016, I registered for a SHRM event and quite honestly, it was more out of curiosity than anything else. I was not really sure what to expect from the topic titled “The Benefits of Successfully Navigating Change in the Workplace." The amount of change that I had experienced was minimal, but since change is inevitable, I thought it wise to attend.
It was here that I first met our speaker, Scott Lesnick. Scott’s presentation at this event was warm, appropriate to the audience and quite engaging. His energy and ability to encourage participation, along with his sense of humor, made for an interesting lunch hour! Scott has the ability to communicate with the participants and then present in such a way that they feel like it applies directly to them!

I was so impressed with Scott, that I stayed in touch with him and just this month, invited him to speak at one of our organizations workshops, which he recently did. Once again, he had our participants attentive and engaged. 
I highly recommend considering Scott for your conference or workshop. I am confident you will be pleased with his professionalism as well as his presentation."     
   Meline Grigorian, YWCA
“Scott is engaging and heartfelt in his presentation. He captures the audience with the narrative of his personal mission. His message to all is to never give up in what you believe in. He is the epitome of the 'Never Give Up Guy."
Linda Hoel, R.D., SNS, President, Washington School Nutrition Association

    • National Speakers Association CPS HR
    • Society of Human Resource Management-SHRM
    • Women in Management
    • IPMA-Public Sector HR
    • US Bank
    • Voluntary Participation Program Participants’ Association
    • Oklahoma Department of Health
    • California Department of Health and Welfare
    • Annual Strengthen Youth and Families Conference
    • National Association of Family Child Care
    • Occupational Therapy Association
    • International Association of Public Sector HR
    • Berkshire Hathaway-Shaw Industries
    • Department of Justice
    • American Payroll Association
    • Purchasing Power School Nutrition Association
    • Association of Nutrition and Food Service Professionals
    • International Association of Administrative Professionals
    • CCA Global
    • International Wire and Cable
    • California Department of Transportation
    • OSHA
    • National Association of Sports Commissions
    • Vistage Worldwide
    • NARI
    • Radiology Business Managers Association
    • Indiana Occupational Therapy Association
    • Rehabilitation and Transition Association
    • North Dakota US Attorney’s Office
    • Wisconsin Educators Association
    • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    • And many, many more!


    The Never Give Up Guy
    5555 N. Shoreland Ave.
    Milwaukee WI 53217

    Tel: 414-507-8008
    Email: scott@scottlesnick.com
    Web: www.scottlesnick.com

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