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Speaker, Motivator, Theater Playright, and Director

Author of Play Hard – Have Fun: A Philosophy for Life

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"You succeed by choice, not chance.

Every decision you make shapes your future."


Phil’s eclectic journey through theater and life has taught him that achieving professional and personal success requires the combined passions of creativity, innovative thinking, and working in an environment that recognizes the value of good-old, serious fun. Drawing on 35 years of acting, directing, writing, and teaching, Phil connects with an audience through his effective use of dynamic storytelling and insightful humor, allowing them to learn while they laugh. His delivery of a powerful message will inspire and motivate everyone to reach their highest heights, their loftiest visions, and their impossible dreams.

Phil knows how to take the stage and connect with his audience, providing them with meaningful training experiences they will take back to their jobs as well as use in their personal lives. He mentors with enthusiasm and knowledge, guiding the group to strengthen and elevate their leadership skills.

The Fountain City News (Wi) wrote that Phil’s audience sat “Spellbound. The program held one’s attention so completely that you could hear a pin drop in the room. No one wanted it to end.”

In addition to being an award-winning television writer for the Nashville Now show on TNN, Phil has written 13 musicals, most recently the musical Fatherhood, about, well – fatherhood. In his books, Play Hard—Have Fun: A Philosophy For Life and the soon-to-be-published Take the Stage: Innovative Leadership Through Theatre, Phil shares creative insights and practical lessons that will give his audience fresh and ‘blow-up-the-box’ solutions to help transform a company’s culture and redefine creative, leadership practices.

Ranging from a 30-minute keynote address to a 3-hour interactive presentation / workshop, Phil’s passion for people and leadership is immediately obvious.

Phil would love to share his philosophy and experiences with your company.


  • I Have Seen the Future – and it is Curious 
  • People are the Priority
  • YOUR Story is at the Heart of it All
  • Play Hard – Have Fun: A Philosophy for Life 

Additional Presentation Options: 

  • Leadership Lessons Shared From the Piano
  • Gateway: Coming to America 



Fun is universal. People love to smile, laugh, and giggle while they wear silly hats and sing karaoke. As an actor, college professor, and theatre director with more than thirty years of experience, author Phil Martin understands there's another kind of fun that's deeper, more rewarding, and ultimately more satisfying-a fun that comes from doing meaningful work well.

Play Hard-Have Fun explores the deep feeling of joy experienced through the hard work put into pursuing a valued goal-not focusing on the outcome, but on the progress and process of understanding that true success comes from within. Through stories and personal anecdotes, Martin describes his two-step philosophy: Fun happens during a great performance and a great performance is the result of the effort dedicated to its preparation.


“Spellbound!” “Everyone’s rapt attention was on Phil Martin, not wanting to miss a word, an emotion or body language and stage movement that made his story come alive. Few have experienced a program that held one’s attention so completely that ‘you could hear a pin drop’ in the room. The presentation caused the audience to experience joy and laughter, pain and sorrow, hope and despair. All eyes were riveted on him. No one wanted the program to end.” -Fountain City Area News

“Wonderful evening of entertainment.” -Judy Nissen, President, Western Nebraska Community College

“Great! Best we’ve ever had.” -Broadhead Historical Society, Broadhead, WI

“I laughed. I cried. I felt so many emotions.” -Scottsbluff Star Herald



  • American College Theatre Festival
  • Nebraska Speakers Bureau
  • Wisconsin Speakers Bureau
  • Creighton University
  • University of Nebraska
  • Wisconsin State Historical Society
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Belmont University
  • Middle Tennessee State University
  • The Nashville Network
  • Kohler Company


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