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Culture Inside Out


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"Raising the standard on safety excellence by leading organizations 

through a sustainable safety transformation."


  • Hardwired Leadership; Fire Those Neurons!
  • LivingSafe Matters; Build a Sustainable Safety Culture
  • The Priority Juggle; Glass Balls Don't Bounce!


Lisa works with organizational leaders who want to increase profit, improve productivity, and create a sustainable culture. 

Lisa’s engaging, informative, fun, and thought provoking programs are driven by a passionate call to action and equip organizational leaders to increase profit, improve productivity through creating a sustainable culture. 

Her diverse career as a safety strategist and leadership coach powers Lisa’s actionable insights and techniques to achieve established and newly discovered goals. 

She challenges her audience to change leadership perspective and improve workplace behavior by defying the status quo and embracing innovative and tested techniques to elevate work culture.

Lisa serves as an advisor to senior executives, safety leaders, and management teams by coaching them to establish clarity and deliver strategic solutions that improve their leadership skills, maximize productive operations, and eliminate workplace injuries.

Let Lisa make a difference at your next event by turning your vision of excellence into reality!

“Lisa’s presentations are upbeat and provide excellent insight. She is engaging and considers our specific needs when sharing her message. She always delivers her best with each presentation!”

--Jennifer, Human Resources Director, Marinette County

“Lisa knows how to hit the mark! Her presentations are well-informed and reflect her passion, experience, and knowledge about challenging safety topics. I highly recommend Lisa for your next event – you will not be disappointed!”

--Debra DeWitt, Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corp.

“Lisa is always on the cutting edge of safety training by developing techniques that are fun, engaging, and hold audience attention. I enjoy Lisa’s enthusiasm and 'true love' for sharing her safety message!”

--Pam Tompkins, President, SET Solution


  • Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corp.
  • Marinette County
  • Falk Carpet Service

Lisa Haen
Culture Inside Out
PO Box 28434
Green Bay, WI 54324

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