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Speaker, Trainer, Author

Creator of the Biz Ops Game


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"Working Together to Cultivate Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs Today, E-Seedling Chief Cultivator by Night, UW-Madison SBDC by Day." 


Getting More Done in Less Time


Julie Wood is the CEO and Founder of E-Seedling, LLC.
She is as entrepreneurial mindset teacher, author, employee, and business owner who is richly experienced in youth entrepreneurship, creating and running businesses, and productivity and time management. She would love to help YOU empower young entrepreneurs, streamline your business operations, and get more done in less time!  Areas of expertise include:
• teaching youth entrepreneurs
• designing curriculum
• training youth & adults on entrepreneurship, productivity, accounting, and business operations
• planning and coordinating events
• improving processes and productivity
• Franklin Covey Facilitator 


 What if there was an opportunity to teach the youth in our society the fundamental concepts of growing and developing into amazing entrepreneurs? Or how about educating the next generation on what it really takes to run the companies and grow into the decision-makers and game-changers?

"More Than a Lemonade Stand: The Complete Guide for Planning, Implementing & Running a Successful Youth Entrepreneur Camp" offers you the exciting resources and tools to build a curriculum to plan and run an educationally oriented youth entrepreneurial camp and the flexibility to pull activities out to incorporate them into your existing program. More than ever, entrepreneurs run the world. They own the largest companies, have the greatest financial freedom, and are at the epicenter of our business world. And we often hear the stories that each of these extremely successful men and women started at a young age with sound business practices and salesmanship. Maybe it was a lemonade stand, a baseball card collection, or even a newspaper route. Regardless of the business, they were hustling and learning fundamental practices very early in life.






"Julie Ann Wood is passionate about sharing her in-depth entrepreneurial experiences with young upcoming entrepreneurs and those over 50 reimagining their lives. She does a great job of creating fun workshops and programs to engage and teach her first-hand knowledge of how to create a successful business. Be sure to check out all her resources and offerings at her website. Tina Hallis, PhD, CEO, The Positive Edge.

"The wisdom Julie Ann Wood brings to the table is life-changing for future generations. Her entrepreneurial principles empower people to take their dream from vision to fruition to create a meaningful and profitable business. Her keynotes, workshops, and entrepreneurship camps are experiential, interactive, and provide all the tools you need to launch your legacy!" Susan C Young, MSA, CEO, Susan C Young International


3200 Larsen Road

Madison, WI 53711


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