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"Ignite Your Life!"


John Nepper's mission is to create a joyful world by maximizing the best of human potential, working with people to turn their maximum potential into maximum reality. John helps his audience members and clients trade the life they feel stuck in, for the life they deserve and are entitled to live.

As a musician and a martial artist, John teaches his audiences to use the “Over and Over”™ Strategies. John has used and perfected these techniques in rehearsal, in the performance hall and in the dojo to move from getting the same results to breaking free and getting new and different results.

John points out to his audiences that the ways we speak about ourselves to others, or to ourselves in the millions of conversations that go on in our minds all the time, are what sabotage what we want to become, achieve, or receive in our lives. Audience members learn how to become Power Listeners in their own lives, and how to apply the power listening strategies to counteract the negative self-talk that kills their dreams.

As a passionate creative, John Nepper believes and advocates for people to create their lives now, everyday, to not only think outside of the box, but inside the box as well. The time to create our personal legacies is now.

In his motivational programs, speaker John Nepper, teaches people that imperfect action is far better than waiting until the dream, the life, the timing, etc. is perfect. Go now! Do it now! We can always course correct when we are in action. The programs John offers include "The C.L.I.M.B. System for Joyful Living"™, "Creating Peak Experiences...and Beyond"™, "The Leadership Adventure"™ and "Firestarter-Ignite Your Life"™.


Creating Peak Experiences...and Beyond!™

The difference between those at the top and those struggling to get there can be summed up in one word. Mindset. 

In Creating Peak Experiences… and Beyond!™ audiences will:

-identify what’s necessary to develop and maintain a positive growth mindset.

-learn how to change negative self-talk.

-distinguish the components of the peak experience mindset.

-live with positive intention

-laugh, share, and feel energized

-bring their positive mindset to the workplace to enhance their own productivity, and improve relationships with coworkers, supervisors, customers, and clients.

The Art of Engaged Conversation

Learn How to Create Success in Your Personal and Professional Relationships Through Meaningful, Rich, and Engaged Conversation.

In this keynote, audience members:

 -Discover their own strengths and weaknesses in connecting  through conversation. 

 -Learn how to  ask open ended questions that encourage further conversation. 

 -Explore ways to listen so people will talk, and how to talk so people will listen. 


“John’s a great storyteller. He’s the one you want to bring into your organization if you really want to engage people. Great storyteller, great messages, and great learning.”      

CEO, Roger Wolkoff

“John Nepper is fun, funny, and engaging. He has a great message and I highly recommend you bring him in to talk about mindset shift, keynotes, workshops, whatever you need. He can do it and you’ll be glad you did.”      

CEO, Jacy Imilkowsky

“Hey, I gotta tell you. If you haven’t seen John Nepper speak, you have to. If you’re talking about a person who can add positivity to your life it’s John. If you’re talking about a person who can let you find your own inspiration, it’s John.”

Mike Educator, Haborside Academy

“Hi, I just heard John Nepper speak and it was phenomenal. He had so many wonderful ideas to stay motivated in your life, and keep going. He’s really funny and he’s got a wonderful amount of information for you to go forward with.”

Alyssa Owner, AN Photography

“John Nepper was able to talk about peak experiences, and how to really grab hold and advance yourself. John, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing good work.”Isaac

Past President , Lead MN


Motivational Speaker


  facebook  website

www.John Nepper.com



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