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Global Futurist, Author, Speaker & Consultant




Anticipate Disruption Before it Happens.

Turn Disruption & Change into Opportunity & Advantage.


Leading with Strategic Foresight and Certainty
Transforming Retail with Strategic Foresight and Certainty
Transforming Healthcare with Technology-Enabled Innovation
Accelerating Growth: Leading with Strategic Foresight and Certainty
Accelerating Innovation: Using Hard Trends and Exponential Technology
Business Process Transformation: The Big Ideas That Are Changing Everything
Using Hard Trends to Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage
The Anticipatory Organization: A Proven Model to Predict Change & Create Extraordinary Results


    Daniel Burrus is one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and innovation experts, and is the author of six books, including the New York Times bestseller Flash Foresight as well as the highly acclaimed Technotrends. He is the founder and CEO of Burrus Research, a research and consulting firm that monitors global advancements in science and technology-driven trends to help clients better understand how technological, social and business forces are converging to create enormous, untapped opportunities.

    He has delivered over 2,800 keynote speeches globally over the past 30+ years, and is a strategic advisor to executives from Fortune 150 companies.




    "By applying Daniel Burrus’ principles to our business, in less than a year we have been able to double our revenues and increase the value of our company by a factor of four, and we feel the biggest impact is yet to come."                                                               Arni Bellini, CEO, ConnectWise

    “Thanks for your insight, candor, ideas, inspiration, enthusiasm and sheer presence at our annual conference. You made a real contribution to our program and helped elevate our thinking.”                                                                                                                       —Wenda Harris Millard, Yahoo!

    “A ‘must-hear’ presentation.”                                                                                                                                            
    —Steven Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft

    "Our people, without exception, felt that your ideas were provocative, original, and timely. Your entertaining style captured the audience and compelled them to listen, think, and apply your thoughts to their own professional and personal lives.You truly made a memorable impression on the audience."                                                                                                                                                                   Mark McNutt, Xerox Corporation

    "Your thoughts on how to create an opportunity for change through a customer focus is the excellence our team is striving for. The framework you provided on innovation, creativity and customer value will be instituted as a management practice to enable the technology infrastructure group to take Wells Fargo to the next stage."                                                                                                                                      Victor Nichols, Wells Fargo

    "It came as no surprise that you were rated the top speaker in our audience evaluations. You'r unique blend of wit and insight awakened all of us to the need to develop the knowledge network necessary to move to a 21st century mind set."                                  Robert Howe, IBM Corporation


    • Google
    • Microsoft
    • Wells Fargo
    • Toshiba
    • Lockheed Martin
    • Motorola
    • DuPont
    • American Express
    • ExxonMobil

    Burrus Research, Inc.
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