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LeaderSmart: Homework for Those Who Influence Others

Silence Isn’t Golden: Unleash the Real Power of Feedback

The Beat Goes On: How Teams in Harmony Produce Results

So, Who Motivates the Motivator?: Answer 7 Questions for a Self-Charged Life


Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP is strictly business…providing programs filled with practical solutions backed by sound theory. Audiences around the world have learned and laughed during Chris’ presentations. Her work on building effective teams, maximizing personal creativity, and thriving during change have energized audiences with sensible ideas, sound research, and boundless enthusiasm.

Chris’ mother claims that she gave her first speech at age six, when she was caught lining up the neighborhood children, collecting their nickels, and promising them a narrated tour of her newborn brother. Today Chris has expanded her repertoire beyond her brother and her clients routinely pay her the highest compliment…they bring her back and recommend her to others.

Chris received the premier earned designation from the National Speakers Association, CSP – Certified Speaking Professional – in 1993 and was honored to serve her peers as the 2000-2001 NSA President.

Chris’ program for your group will deliver serious fun, combining learning with laughter and content with results…guaranteed.



   "Great leaders have many talents, but one critical skill -- often unrecognized -- is the ability to ask and answer questions. This unique book offers 78 questions that leaders at all levels need to ask and answer both inside and outside the organization. Leaders who master this question-response technique will gain much useful information about what is really going on in their businesses, as well as the admiration of employees, customers, and others with whom they interact. The questions and answers cover a range of common and uncommon situations, including: the need to connect employees’ efforts to company goals; layoffs, business downturns, and mergers; personal crises of employees; coaching and mentoring sessions; and customer retention. The book even includes advice on answering questions when the answer is ""I don’t know"" or ""I can’t tell you."" With worksheets in each chapter, it prepares leaders to ask important questions of: * Customers (""Why do you do business with our competition?"") * Employees (""What’s a recent management decision you didn’t understand?"") * And even themselves (""What do I want to be remembered for?"")


“Your thorough preparation in customizing the content to address our identified need and your enthusiastic style provided an exceptional presentation that participants valued.”  –                                                                                                            Tarey Bernhard, All Saints Healthcare

“I have no doubt that our conference attendees walked away from your program more enriched both personally and professionally.”
– Dawn Aspenson, Wisconsin Department of Tourism

"Words alone cannot express the positive impact Chris has had on our organization during challenging times."

Sue Budjac, Ed.D., President, Mid-State Technical College

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